Text LED display Model M8, has a considerable information and advertising potential. It is excellent for installing perpendicularly to the wall. RGB Technology has also a frame supporting the device on offer. In the computer controlled devices, displaying texts (so called spots) may be performed in three modes:

- in a permanent mode, in which one spot is displayed permanently,
- in an hourly mode, in which up to 20 spots, which switch over every 3 minutes, are displayed,
- in a 24-hour mode, in which up to 20 spots, which have a programmed time to start or stop the display, are displayed.
Thanks to the above functions, the devices may be programmed to change the displayed content automatically:
- for example: different content for the time when a shop is open and different for the time when it is closed.
In its standard version, the device has a built-in clock, a calendar and an electronic thermometer.

Width 130 cm
Height 48 cm
Thickness 3 cm
Number of letters 3-5
Resolution 44x16 (704) px
Weight 7,4 kg
Power consumption 17W
Control - keyboard USB
Available LED colours