The text displays controlled with a USB computer keyboard do not have to be connected with a computer.

RGB MonoStudio program is designed to run on monochromatic text and graphic displays manufactured by RGB Technology Partnership. The main function of the program is to create text or image animations using numerous available graphic effects.

The program allows to create animations using current information, such as date, time and temperature. For the users' convenience, the RGB MonoStudio generates previews of the created animations, allowing them to make projects without the necessity of testing them each time by using the display. A series of parameters are set in the program, which are needed to display the advertising content. You should define the size of the display and the LED luminous brightness (four scales), manage the spots and send the advertising content to the display. The program is an intuitive tool, and its construction refers to most standard programs. It works with such formats as BMP and JPG.   In order to create an animation, you may also use, among others, Adobe Flash; then, we generate JPEG sequences and import them as frames to the MonoStudio.

Main program functions:
- creating and editing projects divided into spots (animations), which facilitates introducing changes,
- possibility to make the brightness of the display dependent on the day of a week and on the time of a day,
- easy creation of text and/or graphic animations,
- adding animations prepared in other programs by importing ready animation frames,
- different types of projects: automatic (cyclic switching over), manual (switching over using a command), and 24-hour (switching over dependent on the set time),
- possibility to create animations, using a dozen of predefined, configurable effects,
- previewing created animations,
- adding special frames to animations, showing current parameters such as time, date, and temperature (possibility to configure the location of the displayed parameters, the size of font, and the frame background).
The price of the program is included in the price of the purchased text and graphic display.